WIMP+ Premium Membership is Here

We’ve got some really big announcements today. SO MUCH IS HAPPENING in the Wimpverse. Just look!


WIMP+ is here.

OMG yay!

We’ve been talking about this for ages, but we’re happy to finally announce our premium membership is live. At just $35 / month, it’s chock full of perks and we’ll continue to add to the list as we continue to grow.

Membership benefits include:

  • Membership Directory
    Build your public-facing profile and portfolio and make an impression on new clients.
  • Private Discussion Board
    Get access to a secure discussion board where clients can’t hear you scream.
  • Coworking Access
    4 days a month access at WIMPspace, WIMP’s coworking and colearning space / clubhouse in downtown Santa Rosa.
  • Discounts on Workshops
    Discounts on select classes and workshops.
  • Vendor Discounts
    Discounts from a list of awesome companies relevant to you and your business.
  • Exclusive Events
    Members only events. Who knows what could happen?!
  • Swag & Surprises
    Discounts on swag and special surprise things!
  • Direct Referral Program
    Get added to our database of hand-picked referrals and pay just 5% commission on revenue earned.
  • Support WIMP
    Show your love and support to the community you just couldn’t live without.

Sign up before June 1st and get a free ticket to WIMPcamp on July 11, 2015!*

Sign-up Steps:

  1. Sign up for a basic membership at beawimp.org/members/sign-up/
  2. Follow e-mail verification steps
  3. Opt-in for WIMP+ in your membership settings

*Offer not available to charter members and beta testers



WIMPcamp is Coming July 11th!

Sonoma County’s First Unconference for Web Technology is coming back for its third year on July 11th, 2015. WIMPcamp 2015 will feature a mix of sessions selected from proposals ahead of time, and sessions given by attendees that are scheduled the day of the event. It’s a lot of fun, breakfast and lunch are provided for just $25.

Tickets Available Soon.



WIMPgives Save the Date: November 7th

WIMPgives is our annual charity hackathon that gives our community the ability to use what we are good at to do good in our community. Last year we had 50 volunteers form seven teams to build websites for seven non-profits in a day!

This year we are pulling out all the stops to make this year’s event even bigger and better. We need your help. Applications for non-profits and volunteers are now open, as is our call for sponsors. If you or anyone you know wants to be involved in our third annual WIMPgives, sign up on the website.

Give Something Amazing


Professional WordPress Developer Course Announced.

This summer, we’ll be hosting our very first Professional WordPress Developer Course. We’ll be expanding your core development skills and learn how to transfer an HTML & CSS template into a functioning WordPress Theme. On top of learning how to build a WordPress theme, we’ll learn the basic fundamentals of PHP, which is the underlying language that powers WordPress.

The course will run from June 13th – August 15th.

Early bird sign-ups are just $399. This will only be available until May 23rd!

A 10% Off Discount is available for WIMP+ Members

View Course Outline

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New Coworking Pricing

We’ve adjusted our pricing for WIMPspace memberships a bit to reflect how we think you’ll get the most out of utilizing the space and your home away from home office.

View New Membership Structure

Professional WordPress Developer Course Announced!

Many of you have asked me when I’ll be teaching a WordPress theme development course again. Well, the time has come. This summer, I’ll be teaching an 8-week intensive theme development course. We won’t be learning how to use Genesis or any other theme framework, even though these are great, and powerful frameworks! We’ll be expanding your core development skills and learn how to transfer an HTML & CSS template into a functioning WordPress Theme.

On top of learning how to build a WordPress theme, we’ll learn the basic fundamentals of PHP, which is the underlying language that powers WordPress. With out PHP knowledge, writing or even editing a WordPress theme is tough and near impossible. We’ll spend the first day setting this foundation and will continue to apply and expand these new learnings as we go through the classes.

The course will run from June 13th – August 15th. During this class, July 4th and July 11th, we will not be meeting those weeks due to holiday and WIMPcamp 2015. We want this class to be affordable but also reflect on the quality of experience you will gain through this course by starting early sign ups at $399. This will only be available until May 23rd! After that, the cost will increase to a maximum of $499 the week the course begins. For more information on pricing, visit the Eventbrite page.

Very shortly here, our WIMP+ membership will become available where you can get a 10% discount on this course when you are a member. Look out for that announcement here very soon!

Of course, all the details and elevator pitch can be found on the Eventbrite page. Below is an outline of the course that we will be covering. I hope you can are eager to learn from my 8 years of a WordPress experience and push your knowledge and expertise to the next level!

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Course Outline

Day 1 – June 13th, 9am-2pm
PHP Foundations

While this is only one day, we’ll be able to set the foundations and learn about what PHP is, what the syntax looks like (aka code), earn about variables, strings, integers and constants. We’ll also discuss conditional logic and operators, arrays/objects and for/while loops. If any of this seems scary to you, don’t worry, that’s why we have this in the course! Just be ready to learn and you’ll have this down in no time!

Day 2 – June 20th, 9am-2pm
Setting up our local environment

All professional developers have a local environment. A local environment is the perfect sandbox to write your code and have no fear of breaking anything that the public can see. This is an environment that lives within your computer that will load WordPress. There are a long list of software developers can use, but we’ll focus on two pieces of software, MAMP and WAMP.

Day 3 – June 27th, 9am-2pm
WordPress Theme Anatomy

We’ll spend the day deconstructing what a WordPress Theme is and how all the files make things work. We’ll write some code to get the basics going and learn about starter themes like underscores (aka _s)

Days 4-7 – July 18th, July 25th, August 1st and August 8th, 9am-2pm
Building A WordPress Theme

This section will cover the course of 4 days. In this time frame, we will deconstruct a basic HTML template and convert it into a working WordPress theme. We’ll use the HTML to break it into the different files we learned about in Day 3 to create header and footer templates, a homepage, a blog page, blog post page, and regular WordPress pages. We’ll also focus on what Custom Post Types are and how to use them within a theme, creating custom taxonomies, building a WordPress Menu and our own widgets.

Day 8 – August 15th, 9am-2pm
Writing Professional Code

In the finial day, we’ll go through our theme one more time and make sure we write secure and performant code. With how popular WordPress is, understanding these two pieces if very critical to the future and success of theme you create. Along the way, we’ll learn about the WordPress Coding Standards and why these are important processes to follow.